GTM is supported by Midlothian Voluntary Action’s Social Enterprise Alliance Midlothian [SEAM] and the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, and is part financed by the European Social Fund and Scottish Government. The project is supported by the £9.7m Growing the Social Economy Programme as part of the Fairer Scotland Action Plan to tackle poverty and inequality. 




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We are

Growing Together Midlothian

We came together in 2017 to build strong and resilient communities throughout Midlothian through growing, outdoor spaces and food. 

We believe that by working collaboratively we can achieve more to improve our health, wellbeing and the environment, and provide more opportunities for everyone to thrive.

We will accomplish this by capturing and developing opportunities and tackling challenges together, through sharing ideas, skills and resources, and by growing our work.

Our community growing spaces and activities deliver an amazing array of benefits, providing places for people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to come together. We practice our skills and learn new ones, have fun or just relax. A rewarding experience and a place to grow together. 

There lots of ways to get involved with Growing Together Midlothian.  You can:

  • Attend events.

  • Volunteer with any of our members.

  • Help us deliver our mission by helping develop our work as a collaboration.

  • Donate time. land, supplies, or money to help our members help their communities to be more resilient.

  • Sponsor one of our projects or events.

  • Most of all just get in touch and let us know what you are looking for and how we can help.

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